I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Graduate School of Cologne University, a German Excellence center. I am affiliated with Cologne's Center for Comparative Politics and Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology.

In my research, I use comparative approaches and latent variable modelling to investigate the dispositional and situational processes underlying ideological subscription. I am also interested in survey methodology applied to the measurement of latent constructs. Current projects are delineated here, and past research projects can be found here.

For my Ph.D., I conduct analyses on cross-national differences with respect to populist proclivities, as well as evaluate the validity and psychometric properties of Populist instruments. A summary of my doctoral dissertation project on the topic of Populism can be found here

Currently, I am a visiting scholar (chercheur invité) at Sciences Po, CEVIPOF, Paris, France. 

I have taught statistical and R courses at Kent University and at Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam. Teaching materials, as well as slides from talks and conferences, are stored here.

Before undertaking a PhD, I worked as a researcher at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University, the Netherlands. I also assisted on teaching in a variety of statistics related courses at Leiden’s Faculty of Science in both undergraduate and graduate levels. Statistical tutorials, along with collected references, resources and lists which I have put together for myself on topics related to methods, statistics and R can be found here.

Also at Leiden University, I was formally educated in social psychology, political science & statistics. Detailed information are organized on my vitæ.

Lastly, I worked as a statistical consultant for a number of departments at high-ranking universities. For information on this, please see here.